MRC Adds New Apps to Accelerate Student Learning


IXL - IXL is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site for K–12. Used by over 11 million students, IXL provides personalized learning. IXL Learning was founded in 1998 when we released Quia Web, the first website that allowed teachers and learners to create and share customized study materials. The initial version featured three formats: a matching game, a concentration game, and flash cards. Soon after, quizzes were added, along with a dozen more game types. The concept was an overnight success, and Quia Web quickly became one of the most popular education sites in the early days of the internet. 

QuizzizQuizizz is a creativity software that can be used in class, group works, pre-test review, exams, unit test and impromptu tests and it allows multiplayer and teachers are online at the same time.

EducreationsDo you remember your favorite teachers? We do. We remember how they made content come alive. They explained things in a way that made sense and stuck with us. We founded Educreations to build technology that multiplies the reach and impact of great teachers. We make creative tools that enable students and teachers to share ideas, collaborate, and learn new things. 

Quizlet - At Quizlet, it is believed that anyone can learn anything. All it takes is a tenacious spirit, the right guidance, and the tools to see it through. We know that students are under more pressure than ever. It can leave them overwhelmed, be anxiety-producing and make it all too easy to burn out. 


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